Allison Bell 

About me:

Welcome! I am currently working as a Data Scientist at Southern California Edison helping to address public safety risks associated with electric utility infrastructure and more. This site provides an overview of my data and writing portfolio based on projects that are publicly shareable, stemming mainly from my time at MIT.

I am passionate about climate & energy systems and the variety of technical, economic, and environmental factors that play into renewable energy uptake and climate policies. Within MIT's Technology and Policy master's program, I focused my coursework on data science and statistical analysis techniques, with attention to how advanced data methods like machine learning can be applied to the climate and energy field. My thesis centered around on the environmental impact of the computing sector: specifically, the ways in which new computing technologies might shift the location of emissions from one part of a device lifecycle (ex. emissions from device use reduced with more energy efficient device designs) to another (ex. there might be more manufacturing steps required to produce the more efficient device). 

In my free time I enjoy birding (& bird photography), running, hiking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities.